PCM Asbestos Analysis

What is PCM Asbestos Analysis?

Phase Contrast Microscopy is an optical-microscopy technique that can be to test air samples for the presence of asbestos fibers. A portable microscope, air samples, and proper training are the three main components for PCM Analysis. When asbestos fibers are airborne is when they pose the greatest threat to human health.


When You Might Need PCM Asbestos Analysis  

It is required to test for asbestos fibers during the Air Monitoring and Final Clearance stages of an asbestos abatement project. PCM Analysis makes certain that there is not asbestos present in the air, and the space is safe for re-occupancy and reuse. Any asbestos fibers that may remain present pose a human health risk and a liability for the property owner.


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Every Air Monitoring Specialist on our team has their own microscope so they are able to conduct PCM Asbestos Analysis on site, and thus clear abatement projects on site. DS Environmental is NIOSH 582E certified, which provides the training and expertise to test and provide clearance in this area. Having the ability to do PCM testing in the field is important because it can cut down on overhead cost, laboratory testing costs, and time lost waiting for samples to be processed in a lab. This is just another way that DS Environmental acts on our commitment to saving our clients’ money and time.


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