River Point at Sheridan

River Point at Sheridan


Where a large shopping center and golf course now stand in Sheridan used to be nothing more than several large, unlined landfills dangerously close to the Platte River. In 2003, the city of Sheridan decided that the 135 acre brownfield should be cleaned up and redeveloped to add value to both the community and local economy. DS Environmental was contracted to administer a comprehensive environmental assessment of the land, report on the hazardous materials detected, and make suggestions for remediation management. The initial assessment of contaminants and subsequent management were so successful that in 2009 the River Point at Sheridan project was named a winner of the Best of the Best Awards, a national competition that recognized outstanding design and construction in the revitalization of a previously forgotten brownfield. The total cost of brownfield redevelopment and construction of the space was around $88.9 million.

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