Hughes Stadium Demolition

Hughes Stadium Demolition


Colorado State University’s Hughes Stadium in Fort Collins, Colorado was built in 1964 and was not updated or renovated until 2006. Even with those repairs, the stadium is in serious need of infrastructure repair and upgrades such as: replacing deteriorating concrete, adding standby generators for emergency power, repairing leaks in locker rooms, adding boilers to concourses as well as aesthetic and experiential upgrades. Discussions of renovation or demolition of the stadium began in 2014, and CSU has been working to raise money to build an entirely new stadium ever since. DS Environmental was hired to conduct bulk sampling of various building materials within the stadium to provide a full report of the presence or absence of hazardous materials. Upgrades that were done to Hughes Stadium in 2015 cost around $30 million dollars, and the construction of a new stadium is estimated to cost $110 million dollars.

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