Fourmile Fire 2010

Fourmile Fire 2010


Over the course of 11 days in September of 2010, the Fourmile Canyon fire burned around 6,181 acres and destroyed 169 homes. The fire took place only 5 miles west of downtown Boulder in a wildland-urban interface zone, was one of the most destructive in Colorado’s history, and left extensive amounts of recovery and rebuilding work in its wake. DS Environmental Consulting was hired by the Boulder County Government to test homes that were damaged by the fire for regulated hazardous materials. It is necessary to test for materials such as asbestos and lead-based paint in homes that have fire damage to be aware of what hazardous compounds may have already been released into the environment, and what precautions should be taken for demolition or renovation efforts. The cost of total fire management for the Fourmile Fire was estimated to be around $14.1 million.

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