Boulder Canyon Flood 2013

Boulder Canyon Flood 2013


Rain started in Boulder in early September of 2013, and over the span of a few days turned into an unprecedented downpour that saw floods accumulating rapidly. Homes flooded, several bridges collapsed, evacuations occurred, and millions of dollars worth of damage was done. DS Environmental was hired by the Boulder County Government to administer the county funded assistance program, and test hundreds of single family homes that were impacted by the floods for asbestos and lead-based paint. In the case of a flood it is necessary to test for these types of hazardous building materials before clean up and renovations can safely take place. Thus, it was important for DS Environmental to work carefully and efficiently to reach as many homes as quickly as possible. It is estimated that $49 million in damages was done to Boulder County infrastructure alone, and that property damage from the whole flood was estimated to be near $1 billion.

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